Northfield Center Township
9546 Brandywine Northfield Center, Ohio 44067-2494
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                    (CLEVELAND WATER CUSTOMERS)

The North Hills Water District has been notified by Clear Reads that 
they are finalizing all the water meter replacements in the Township. 
ALL residents have been contacted by Clear Reads/Cleveland Water Department 
that they needed to contact Clear Reads to schedule an appointment to have 
their existing in-home water meter replaced with the new automated meter 
that will allow Cleveland Water to obtain meter readings without coming to 
your property. 

Participation in the Clear Reads project is mandatory. Meters for all customers, 
residential and business, will either be replaced or modified.
We have been informed that there are still several customers in Northfield Center 
Township that have not yet scheduled an appointment for their meter replacement. 
Customers have also been alerted that any customers that have not contacted Clear 
Reads for this upgrade will result in their water being shut off by Cleveland Water. 
If you still have not had your water meter replaced with the new meter, please 
contact Clear Reads at 844-379-9984 IMMEDIATELY to schedule an appointment to 
prevent water shut-off.