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Trustee Public Hearing to consider approval of consent decree with Spitzer

The purpose of this hearing is to consider and take action on whether to enter into the proposed Consent Decree between the Township and Spitzer A-Team L.P.  The hearing will be held on Monday, July 1, 2019, at 6:00 pm, at Northfield Center Town Hall.  Copies of the Decree may be secured at the Town Hall during normal operating hours (8 to 5, Monday through Thursday, and 8 to 4, on Friday).    

Where do I vote?

If you need to determine where you will be voting (for the August special election and beyond), the Summit County Board of Elections has a handy "pollfinder" tool.  All you have to do is enter your street number and name and it will tell you your polling location.  The tool is here:

Keep Our Waterways Healthy

In 2019, the Summit Soil and Water Conservation District (SSWCD) aims to promote watershed awareness and protection strategies, which increase the public's knowledge of the impacts of non-point source pollution.  "Runoff Reduction-Slow it Down, Spread it Out, Soak it In" is an educational campaign targeting the general public and homeowners with a message that connects the consequences of their landscaping practices to the health of their watersheds, which include s the Ohio River and Lake Erie.  It will, also, provide tools that they can use to help reduce the stormwater runoff that carries pollution.  For more information, visit SSWCD's informative website:  

Do Not Knock Registry

Tired of unwanted door-to-door solicitors?  Then sign up for NCT's Do Not Knock registry.  Simply go to for more info and to sign up!  

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June 20, 2019

Trustee Work Session

The purpose of this Work Session is, primarily, for the trustees to discuss a potential ballot/bond issue, that would be… Read More