NCT Trustees recognize Leslie Srodak-Johnson for her Food Network Christmas Cookie Challenge win

Stan’s Bakery, which is located at 9395 Olde 8 Road, in Northfield Center Township, has been a pillar of the business community and, arguably, one of the finest bakeries in the Northeast Ohio area for the last 60 years. Leslie Srodek-Johnson, who is an accomplished and exceptionally talented decorator for Stan’s Bakery, as well as the granddaughter of its founder, Stan Srodek, was one of five bakers who, after a rigorous interview and selection process, were selected to take part in the 2019 Food Network annual Christmas Cookie Challenge.  Leslie’s innovative and tasty use of edible stained glass, to make cookie versions of traditional Christmas decorations, like trees, wreaths, and lanterns, ultimately led to her being selected as the winner of the 2019 Christmas Cookie Challenge.  Leslie’s accomplishments were recognized, with an official Proclamation, at the January 23rd Trustee Special Meeting.