New Phone Service for Township Brings Considerable Savings and Greater Convenience for Residents

Effective April 27th, the Township will be switching to a new phone carrier.  Not only will this move save the Township over $3,000 per year, residents will now be able to skip the automated attendant and directly dial the person they wish to speak with.  In addition, each trustee will now have a dedicated line/voicemail box.  The information regarding the new direct dial lines, along with their respective extension numbers (should someone still wish to proceed through the automated attendant), are below.  (Please note:  You can, also, now reach the Service Department by either calling the existing number or dialing extension 17 in the Town Hall automated attendant.)  

Steve Wright, Township Administrator
Extension: 10  Direct Dial Number:  (330) 888-8824

Judy Flauto, Township/Zoning Secretary
Extension: 11  Direct Dial Number:  (330) 888-9052

Andy LaGuardia, Fiscal Officer 
Extension: 12  Direct Dial Number:  (330) 888-8762

Don Saunders, Zoning Inspector
Extension: 13  Direct Dial Number:  (330) 888-8486

Russ Mazzola, Trustee
Extension: 14  Direct Dial Number:  (330) 888-0387

Rich Reville, Vice-Chairman
Extension: 15  Direct Dial Number:  (330) 888-3294

Paul Buescher, Chairman
Extension: 16  Direct Dial Number:  (330) 888-0548