Leaf Pickup Update as of November 25, 2020 FINAL ROUND BEGINS DECEMBER 14, 2020


Kitner, Shady, Oviat, Karen, Cathy
Barry, Laurie, Pin Oak, Northfield, Vesta, Pamona, Cherry, Rt 82
Beechwood, Forestwood, Timberlane, Butternuts
Rain day from Tropical storm, focua on maintenance
Valleyview, Springwood, Natalie, Lucy, Springcreek, W.side of Olde 8(North of Rt.82)
French, Fairhaven, Crestwood, Morningside, Charleton, Surrey, W.side of Olde 8(Rt.82-Marwick)
N. side of Marwick(80%), Baybarry,
 S. side Marwick,  N. side of Pickwick, Kenwick,W. side of Dorwick, 
 Lowell, S. side of Pickwick,  W side of Dorwick, Beaconhill, W.side of Olde 8(Marwick-Highland) 
 E. side of Dorwick, W.side of Olde 8(Marwick-Highland) N. Side of Highland, E. Side of Honeydale
W. side of Honeydale, Skylane, Pleasantview, 
 W. side of Olde 8(Highland to Twinsburg), W. Twinsburg rd, Shoefph
 Brandywine Rd,
Holiday (Vetrans Day)
South side of Highland,  Twinsburg Rd., Walters Rd., Rolling Brooke Dev., South side of Twinsburg Rd., Walters Rd., Fantail, Outrigger, E.side Olde 8 North to Hazel
 Hazel, Oakmonts, 
Oakmont rd,  E.side of Olde 8 (Oakmont to Barry), 1/2 Oviat, 1/2 Shady, 1/3 Kitner
 Shady, Kitner, Oviat,  
 S. side Karen, N. side Laurie, E. side Cathy, E.side Olde 8 (Barry to Oviate) 
Karen, Laurie, Barry, Cathy. Pin Oak, E.side Olde 8 (Barry to Rt82) S. side Northfield
Northfield, Pomona, Vesta, 
Pomona, Vesta, Beechwood, Cherry, Leonard, Rt 82 east of Olde 8
Next: Beechwood, Cherry, Timberlane, Forestwood, east side of (Olde 8 north of RT82)