Reminder to All:

The Northfield Center Township Board of Trustees has authorization subject to Ohio Revised Code  §505.17 and §4521.02 to declare a general snow emergency for purposes of regulating parking of vehicles on Township streets during heavy snow accumulations to protect the health, safety and welfare of residents.  Regulation of parking on Township streets is necessary to expedite ice and snow removal.  Pursuant to ORC Sections 505.17 and 4521.02.

The Summit County Sheriff’s office is hereby authorized to order into storage any vehicle parked in violation of this declaration.  The owner or any lien holder of a vehicle ordered into storage may claim the vehicle up presentation of proof of ownership, which may be shown by a certificate of title to the vehicles, and payment of all expenses, charges, and fines incurred as a result of the parking violation and removal and storage of the vehicle. 

Rich Reville, Chair

Northfield Center Township