Large Limb Chipping January 19, 2021 to February 1, 2021

 Northfield Center Township will provide a large limb pickup weather permitting January 19 to February 1, 2021.  The Township considers a large limb to be at least 3 inches in diameter and a minimum of 5-feet long. Any branches or limbs under this size requirement should  bundled or placed in a rubbish can for normal trash pickup. This is strictly intended for the purpose of storm clean-up and not for the cleaning up of accumulated yard debris or the removal of trees.  Branch chipping machines are designed for chipping only large branches.  For the sake of saving time and effort on both the Residents and the Service department crew follow the below listed guidelines:

Recommended Method:

1.        Keep branches as large and intact as you can manage and drag to the road edge (cut at ‘Y’sonly as small as needed to maneuver)

2.       Grab by the large diameter end and pull to about 2 feet shy of the road edge and place perpendicular to the road and across the ditch if you have one.

3.       Lay branches side by side and avoid stacking. (stacked branches make it difficult to separate for chipping)

4.       If branches/twigs are small enough to fit in a trash bag or can, do so and dispose of with trash. Branches can also be bundled no longer than four feet or fifty pounds and placed at the curb for trash pickup.  (The small stuff is not good for our chipper)

Do Not:

1.       Put out yard clean-up debris (leaves, perennial cuttings, scrap wood, mulch, and dirt)

2.       Pile branches higher than 2 feet.

3.       Place branches parallel to road edge.

4.       Place on house side of ditch.

5.       Cut into small pieces like you would for trash pick-up.

*** This provided benefit is not for the purpose of cleaning up of your accumulated yard debris.  We will not pick up anything outside the realm of storm damage related to trees.