Springwood and Natalie Road Re-Construction Project

NOTICE TO BIDDERS (R.C. 5575.02)-Revised on 2/27/2020

Notice is hereby given that bids will be received at the office of the Board of Township Trustees of Northfield Center Township, 9546 Brandywine Road, Northfield Center, Ohio 44067, Summit County, Ohio, until 4:00 PM, on Friday, MARCH 13TH, for furnishing the labor and material required for the Springwood Dr. and Natalie Blvd. Road Reconstruction Project, according to the surveys, plans, profiles, cross-sections, estimates and specifications for such improvement on file with the Northfield Center Township Fiscal Officer.  (Please note:  The bid submission deadline was extended on 2/27/2020, given the amendments to the specifications.)

This notice, along with the corresponding bid documents, will, likewise, be posted on Northfield Center Township’s website at the following page: https://www.northfieldcenter.com/springwood-and-natalie-road-re-construction-project/.

Hardcopies of the Bid Documents may be obtained, for a $10.00 check only non-refundable fee, from the Northfield Center Township Fiscal Officer, during the Township’s normal business hours, which are as follows:  Monday through Thursday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.  Or, the Bid Documents may be downloaded, free of charge, here:  Proposal book for Springwood and Natalie (revised on 02272020)  Pages 3-10 of the revised Proposal Book reflect the amended specs/information.  

Please note:  The contractor is to rebuild the road per the specifications to the existing top of curb elevations.  There are no surveys or plans for this project.

Bids shall be opened by the Northfield Center Township Trustees, on Monday, March 16th, at 5 pm, at the Northfield Center Town Hall, 9546 Brandywine Road, Northfield Center, Ohio 44067.

The Contract will be awarded to the lowest and best bidder.

Bids are to be submitted on a unit price basis.  Each proposal must contain the full name of the party or parties submitting the proposal and all persons interested therein.  Each bidder must submit evidence of its experiences on projects of similar size and complexity.  The owner intends and requires that this project be completed no later than Friday, July 31, 2020.

All contractors and subcontractors involved with the project will, to the extent practicable, use Ohio Products, materials, services, and labor in the implementation of their project.

Additionally, contractor compliance with the equal employment opportunity requirements of Ohio Administrative Code Chapter 123, the Governor's Executive Order of 1972, and Governor's Executive Order 84-9 shall be required.

Attention is directed to the special statutory provisions (R.C. 4115.03 et seq.) governing the prevailing rate of wages to be paid to laborers and mechanics employed on public improvements.

No bid will be considered unless it is accompanied by a bond or a certified check in the amount of five percent (5%) of the amount bid to guarantee that said bid is accepted, a contract will be entered into and the performance of it properly secured.

The Board of Township Trustees reserves the right to reject any and all bids.

By order of the Board of Township Trustees.